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 When the calanders displayed 1903, 17th of December; Wright brothers’ achievement of making the first human flight had become a revolution for World history. Mankind who firstly met with Aviation started to take as quick steps as they hadn’t gone forward in any field before. Those periods called as ‘ The crawling period of Aviation’ had reached to unexpected levels by the time of 2nd World War and after 66 years of 1903, when the first human steps taken to aviation; also taken small but precious steps to the moon.

The only unchanged thing from those days till today is the inevitable progress of aviation. Taking a trip from one to point to another with aircrafts are no longer luxurious and have become a part of our daily life. PPL holder businessmen who  flies with their own plane parked at airport in order to go to work is not a dream anymore to be seen and its widespread after United States.    

We are proud and honoured to be involved and play an active role in ER-AH Aviation who started operations with this mission and vision and who has adopted to serve more for Turkish aviation day by day. Our company established in 1983 in Isparta, in purpose of making pesticiding flights and serving national agriculture; embodied Air Taxi in 2003, and Flight Training activities in 2008 by taking new steps related to country needs by the guideness of globalization.

From the establishment till today; ER-AH has been the pioneer of primes with its dynamic, young staff along with experienced pilots who are captains in airlines; without compromising its qualitative serving mentality. Hence; it has become the first flight school in Turkey using Padpilot e-book application and has renewed the fleet by Glasscockpit aircrafts  in 2010 by the needs of technology and renovation. Our school has a respected and pioneer level in Turkey with using the positive conditions of its geography as an advantage; its ability to fly 320 days and providing students international cross-country solo flights.

Our school, thathas been always proud of graduates’ quality and success, is fulfilling entire duties and continuing studies with this faith and determination in order to keep and redouble these achievements. 

General Manager

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