In order to get a pilot licence after completing ATPL (A) Theory Training, which comprises 14 educative courses, in the course of 8 months a student has to get a passing grade in exams prepared by SHGM. These exams, which comprise all of the 14 courses, are restricted with 6 sessions. In each session, a student has a right to take exam in the requested number of courses. At the same time, a student can take utmost 4 exams of each course. From the first day of the exam, a student must accomplish all the exams of the 14 courses that he/she responsible, within 18 months. 

In the case of failing one or more of 14 courses as it is stated above, a student is not allowed to take the failed exam again without getting ATPL (A) Theory Refreshment Training.

ATPL (A) Theory Refreshment Training is refreshment training prepared for the students who have failed one or more of 14 ATPL (A) Theory courses. ATPL (A) Theory Refreshment Training is given every weekday between 09:00-17:00 and lasts 2 weeks and comprises of 60 hours training.