Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a Cessna model which is for four persons, has high wing and single engine. It is the most popular and most manufactured training airplane in the world.

It was started to be manufactured in 1956 first. Cessna used tricycle landing gear in this airplane for the first time. 2 on the airframe and 1 on the fore, this tricycle landing gear was a new system for Cessna. C172 airplane was manufactured 1400 pieces in its first year and it did its first take off in 1955. Having Omni-Vission design, it is one of the rare models which have a window in its back. Thus, pilot can see the rear too. New generation of C172s are manufactured as Garmin G1000 Class Cockpit.

4 of the Cessna’s are GLASS COCKPIT in our 12 numbered formation and our aim is to provide safety and technology in the best way.

Cessna 172SP (Garmin 1000) TC-ERO
Cessna 172SP (Garmin 1000) TC-ERF
Cessna 172SP (Garmin 1000) TC-ERG
Cessna 172SP (Garmin 1000) TC-ERS
Cessna 172S TC-ERC
Cessna 172S TC-ERD
Cessna 172R TC-ERE
Cessna F172M TC-DKU
Cessna 172RG TC-NEC
Cessna 172N TC-AEZ
Cessna 172M TC-YUZ
Cessna 172R TC-AHU