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ER-AH Flight School

To Believe or Not to Believe, This is the Question!


“Flight by machines heavier than air is impossible” said Lord Kelvin (President of Royal Society – 1895), and Charles H. Duell said that “There is nothing new to be discovered”, they both believed that all the innovations in the world have already been invented.  However, in those years Wright brothers were doing the first flight test of propeller plane. They wrote history by doing the first human flight with plane in 17 December 1903. 

What if Wright brothers believed them or Marshall Ferdinand Foch who said “Planes are good toys but I don’t think they will be beneficial” (1911)… Probably aviation would have never started or developed with this pace. 

According the market study of Airbus, top airplane manufacturer in 2009, the aviation sector will grow annually between 2009 and 2028. With this grow it is expected that air transportation will increase 100%. 

Ongoing recovery of Turkish economy and usage of technology simultaneously with the world show we can be on same level with the world on development of the aviation sector. The progress of Turkey and world in aviation sector is almost parallel with each other. 

In order to contribute to development of civil aviation in Turkey, and follow the innovations and developments closely, ER-AH Aviation was founded in 1991 in Isparta. ER-AH Aviation started aviation activities with extinguishing forest fire, advertisement-billboard photography, agricultural spraying, and air taxi in 2003 and flight school, to offer experience to the pilots of new generation, in 2008 were added to these activities.

Taking the rights steps, ER-AH Flight School added another airdrome, which is 1.500 square meter, to its organization in Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport in 2009 and developed its flight training activities. 


ER-AH Flight School has the speciality of being the only school which can fly 320 days a year thanks to favourable air conditions in Antalya and Isparta. 

Also, pilot candidates gaining more experience by doing air navigation abroad by their own, and ER-AH Flight School feel right proud of giving these opportunities to potential pilots and being the first in Turkey.  

Applying sectors innovations to its own organization every year and taking its security and quality understanding to international levels, ER-AH Flight School is the first and only school which started to use PadPilot Electronic Book application in Turkey. 

Specialists in their fields, instructors who were pilots in airlines for long years, promise pilot candidates their future dream with young, energetic personnel and new technologies. 

ER-AH Flight School, which raised its training quality to international standards by training foreigner students, increased the number of training planes to 14 in 2014 after renovating its formation with C172 Glass Cockpit planes in 2010.  ER-AH continues to be the pioneer of sector with its training level and formation.