We train candidates for Airlines Companies


PPL (Private Pilot License)

Private Pilot License PPL(A) will allow you to make safe flights under visual flight rules with trainings at international standards. PPL(A) owner can fly on noncommercial flights as pilot of any aircraft or as copilot without salary.


Modular ATPL (Airline Transportation Pilot License)

for the candidates who has no flight trainings at all; will be provided all theory and flight trainings starting from PPL(A) trainings, up to ATPL (A) Frozen level. Graduates who has done their trainings successfully will be granted with ATPL (A) Frozen License.



It includes the chance of conversion of the license which is subsist as a result of crediting of private pilot license regulated by non-member of JAA countries according to gained experiences, to JAA license with the trainings approved by Jaa.